You know better than anyone that being a sole trader can be hard work. You have to be the finance officer, the administrator, the health and safety lead and more. On top of that you have to be compliant with legislation. 

With so many different hats to wear and things to think about, it distracts you from what is important; running your business and making money! 

Our sole trader training packages are perfect for you. Why risk more of your money than you have to? 

With us you know you are getting everything you need all in one place and you can train at a time that suits you, not when a trainer is available!


This package allows you to choose any number of courses from our course menu. You bespoke the package and the number of courses to suit your needs.

Whether you just want the basic courses you need to be compliant with legislation, such as GDPR and Equality and Diversity, or you want to learn essential skills to help you improve and grow your business, such as Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasts, we are here to get you set up quickly and simply at a price you can afford. 


This package will give you access to all of our courses, plus any new ones which get added throughout the 12 months. 

It gives you the freedom to tailor your learning around the subjects they are interested in, as and when required.

Over 50 courses available with more being added regularly.