How much do courses cost?

Course costs vary, we offer heavily discounted prices for large bulk purchases. In addition, if you are buying multiple courses in smaller numbers you may also qualify for a discount, so always contact us first to see if we can improve on the individual course price.

How do we access the courses?

The training is cloud based. Simply log onto the training portal and start learning! All you need is an internet connection.

How do I deploy courses through the organisation?

We can do this in a number of ways. When you purchase courses from us we will discuss options with you and you can choose what is best for you.

How do I keep track of learner results?

You have two options here. We can set you up as an administrator which allows you to create reports etc. Or you can take advantage of our FREE monthly reports option. We can discuss these options with you.

How would users describe your system?

Simple, straightforward, easy to use and effective .

How user friendly is your system?

It is simple and straightforward to use, which is essential when learners have varied capabilities on IT. One thing we know is that learners who are new to e-learning can be sceptical and nervous. After completing our courses, their confidence increases and they go on to complete further training and improve their IT skills. 

This is a quote from Muir Housing “The system is very easy to use and staff have already fed this back, including our Chief Executive.”

Who designs the courses that are on the system?

We have Subject Matter Experts who provide the material, this is then taken and transformed into a e-learning course by instructional designers. Each trainer has over 10 years’ experience in their field.

Are there any technical considerations or limitations?

We do have external links on our courses making the most of resources already on the web. However, we have taken this into consideration and have a full list of links so that IT managers can see if any of these such as YouTube are blocked so that they can allow the content.

Is the system web-based?

Yes. An internet connection is required as learner results are recorded on the learner management system.

Does the system support mobile platforms?

Yes, our courses work on mobile devices as well as laptops, etc. We wouldn’t advise people to complete course on iPhone as the screen size is very small. However, they do work on all mobile devices.

What are the essential features and functions of your system?

• User friendly 

Mobile compatible 

Free reporting – saving you time and money

• Fantastic customer service 

• Quick response times to queries

• Flexibility to meet clients’ needs and requests – we will work with you so that you get the most out of the systems

What support services are offered?

We offer email and phone support to learners and to managers, we have had positive feedback “I must say that the customer service I have received when contacting them with any queries has been fantastic. Any issues have been dealt with swiftly and it is so nice to have a friendly voice at the end of the line!”

How is the system maintained?

It is all maintained online, our are all fully protected. Servers are backed up regularly, our LMS recently went through a big review and improvements were made, making it more user friendly. 

We constantly strive to make improvements to improve learner experience.We have minimal downtime, in the past 12 months, we’ve only had one 2-hour block when the system was offline for a major update, this was done in the evening to avoid disturbance to learners. 

Courses are reviewed and updated on an annual basis, but if there are legislative changes, we aim to make any changes within 48 hours, as we are not a re-seller we have complete control of making any changes.

How adaptable is the system?

We can customise courses for clients, however a day rate will apply. 

We can also build bespoke courses from scratch using your learning materials, logos etc.

Is there a demo or trial period available?

Yes, just let us know which courses you would like to demo and this can be arranged.

How does your pricing structure work?

Most of our clients work with us to bespoke a package to suit their needs. This depends on the number of learners and the number of courses. We work with your budget to provide the best possible solution.

What interactions such as video's and podcasts do you use?

We use a variety of media, this includes, video, podcasts, other websites, word docs/pdf’s. 

We also have interactions for learners at the end of each course to check their knowledge. We vary these so it’s not always multiple choice, it could be sequencing information, matching, dragging and dropping, true or false, etc.

What support is available for learners?

Learners can contact us for further information or have a query about the course. We then liaise with the trainer to provide answers. We can provide administrative access to the back end of the system for managers, however, we find that most clients take advantage of the free reporting and customer support via email and phone, as this saves training managers having to learn a new IT system.

How does your e-learning interface with other systems such as HR?

We provide monthly reporting which is provided in excel format, so then data can be manipulated and linked in to existing systems.

What report functionality does the system have?

We can provide a variety of reports on a monthly basis and adhoc ones as required.  We can also drill down in to specific areas. We work with clients to see what their reporting needs are and meet them accordingly.

How long does the package take to implement?

We can have you up and running as soon as the invoice is paid. 

What if I want a course designed purely for my own organisation?

Not a problem! We can set up a meeting with one of our instructional designers and go from there.