Tailored Packages

Whether you are a sole trader or a large business The National Training Academy cares about your learning and development. We recognise that every business has different needs which is why we have developed a range of packages to suit you; whatever your business, whatever your size. 

All courses are CPD Certified as standard. There is also the option to upgrade most courses to formal accreditation via AIM our Awarding Body.


You know better than anyone that being a sole trader or a partnership can be hard work. You have to be the finance officer, the administrator, the health and safety lead and more. On top of that you have to be compliant with legislation.

With so many different hats to wear and things to think about, it distracts you from what is important; running your business and making money! Our sole trader or partnership training package could be perfect for you. 

We will talk through your needs and customise a package that ticks all the boxes!

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SMALL BUSINESS PACKAGE (up to 25 employees):

When your team grows it is great as you can delegate key areas of work. However, this means you need to recruit, manage and supervise your employees. Your team will also have skills gaps, so you will need an efficient and cost effective way of training everyone in your empire.

We offer a mix and match approach to learning and development to all team members. Helping them to up-skill, develop themselves and take on new responsibilities. This means more productive and motivated staff. With fantastic resources and year long access, we help you to develop your business.

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25 - 50 learners:

As your business grows you need to ensure employees are trained, compliance is met and budgets are kept in check. With an expanding team you need a way to provide a consistent message to employees on key areas such as health and safety, data protection, equality and diversity and safeguarding. Our training package helps you to meet training needs, without blowing the training budget.

This package includes:

Branding to customise the look and feel.

Bulk upload of all your learners onto the system.

Personal welcome emails to all staff.

Dedicated account manager.

Management features.

50+ learners:

Do you need to ensure training compliance whilst demonstrating value for money? Do you need to provide a consistent message on key topics, standardised training and automatic reporting? 

We can customize training to include your companies policies and procedures and make the training specific to your organisation, plus much more.

This package includes:

Branding to customise the look and feel.

Bulk upload of all your learners onto the system.

Customise your teams and sub teams.

Assign courses via teams or individuals via the content library.

Personal welcome emails to all staff.

Dedicated account manager.

Management features.

Team leader and Team admin roles.

Upload your own content, create your own courses and more.

Different levels of access

  • Administrators
  • Managers
  • Learners

Can you set up teams?

Certainly we can! We set up a main team for your organisation in here all of your learners go. Underneath the top team we can create your sub teams, we can mimic your organisation.

Different teams have different functions and therefore require different training right? That’s what we think too. So, each team can have its own training allocated.

Can teams have different managers/admins?

Absolutely! It’s important for managers to see what team members have completed their training, so the Team admin function does just that. It promotes the manager and give him the admin function so they can keep track of their team’s progress.

Can the training manager have an overall picture of all teams?

Yes, yes, yes! We want to give you control, why wouldn’t we.

Can the training manager add/remove learners? This depends on the package you go for, but it is an option yes.

What kind of reports can we run?

The possibilities are endless. We have an advanced reporting function that allows you to drill down. Want to know who has completed a course, easy. Want to know what score they got for the individual course modules, simple. Need to know how much time they’ve take? Ta da at a touch of a button you have all of this info at your fingertips. These are just a few examples, let us show you on a demo the power of Litmos.

When we add your learners to the system, we have the opportunity to add their manager. To improve the effectiveness of learners, Managers play a key role in monitoring learner’s progress. Managers need a quick snapshot of the key learning statistics of their direct reports and a means of actioning any concerns.

The manager view contains the following menu items:

  •  Insights (as a replacement for “Direct Reports”)
  •  Approvals
  •  Escalations
  •  Reports

The Manager Insights page contains five reports: 

  •  Not Compliant
  •  Overdue
  •  In Retake
  •  Due Soon
  •  Insights

Dashboard – At a glance see how many courses they have assigned, how many are overdue and those completed. Once they click on to a course they will see the course overview and can start the course. There is an additional references tab for those useful resources like learner files.

User guide – On the dashboard learners can access the simple user guide. Whilst the courses are intuitive the User Guide explains features such as the read aloud function, navigation, learner file, certificates and reviewing the content

Achievements – learners can click on their achievements tab and download their PDF certificates.

External learning - Learners can add their own external learning records, course name, date achieved, certificate number/licence, expiration date, CPD points/hours, provider and upload their certificate.

News section – If we add any new courses or make any changes we will pop an update in here.

Contact us – We are individuals and some people require assistance, that’s why there’s a contact us button on the dashboard so we can help learners who require assistance.

Create your own content!

Our LMS allows you to upload your own SCORM files that can then be added to your course library, you can then assign them to individuals or teams at a touch of a button. You can then apply your own settings such as renewal dates, compliance periods, reminder emails, etc.

It’s not just SCORM files accepted file types include: .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mov, .flv, .m4v, .mp4, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .mp3, .zip, .doc, .docx, .swf

So if you have a video you want your learners to watch or a PowerPoint you want them to go though it’s 4 simple steps.

Click create course and give your course a name and description.

Click add content and upload your materials.

Click on the settings and customise your course.

Assign the course to your learners.

You can also create the following in the system:


Learner uploads



Pages of information

User checklists

  • Do you want a discount for multiple course purchases?

  • Do you want quality training bespoke to your organisation?

  • Do you want a training administration function?

  • Do you want to run learner progress reports in-house?

  • Do you want access to an award winning LMS?

  • Do you want to be able to create your own content?

  • Do you want to save time?

  • If the answer is yes, contact us today.

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