Andrew Goodson

About Andrew

Psychometric testing said that Andrew will aim to do the best job possible rather than the minimum necessary to achieve the objective, being keen to look beyond immediate barriers and spend time on striving to get things right.

As a highly experienced board-level executive and coach Andrew can draw upon a range of experiences and skills in his coaching practice with individuals and teams. He is passionate about creating the right environment and using the most appropriate techniques that suit individual clients to enable them to take action to move forward.

He uses a person-centred coaching model to generate movement that focuses on client well-being as the centre of good practice. He believes in aspiring to be the best version of ourselves – in the moment, every moment.

He believes that leading and managing others is a privilege and that belief forms the basis of the way he will work with you. Believing in your skills, impact and authenticity is something that is key to progress and often areas people need support in. Challenging ourselves to step up to what we know we are capable of needs focus and clarity to avoid losses in resources and time. Reaching out for the right support is the first step to achieving this and through an individual approach we will work together to realise a better future. 

With extensive experience in business, coaching and NLP working with Andrew will benefit both individuals’ and team performance through reaching new awareness, achieving greater levels of trust, openness, clarity, mutual challenge, motivation and resilience.

Andrew believes that to succeed in business and grow it is vital to focus on the processes and systems within an organisation first and foremost. He believes that for massive success what is needed is a series of small improvements that together can bring the greatest achievement.

He has an extensive background in analysing systems and identifying key components for effectiveness using established good practice as a basis. Andrew has worked with Educational Establishments, UK Local Authorities and Business for many years on implementing cost-effective systems and quality assurance processes including projects to Thailand and China with the British Council.