De-clutter and De-stress

Why a clear out is good for the mind

Every time I have a clear out, I get overwhelmed with a feeling of satisfaction, like I have achieved something great! I get a feeling of calm and I instantly feel better. So many people who I have spoken to feel the same when they de-clutter so I think it is something we can all benefit from.

This made me want to look into this further and it is amazing what I found:

  • You instantly feel better.

    De-cluttering makes you feel more present. It removes blocks and imbalances from your space. When you have space that you can move through more easily, inspiration often strikes as you have a clear place to think.

  • You get the gift of time.

    Not having to spend time looking for things, choosing something to wear from wardrobes full of clothes or not feeling overwhelmed about the mess in your home, saves incredible amounts of time. That time can then be used to do something that really gives you pleasure; it is a win-win situation.

  • Sleep becomes deeper.

    Humans are energetic beings by nature. When clearing out clutter, especially in the bedroom or storage under the bed, it can become easier to fall asleep. Sounds simple doesn’t it!

  • Problems get solved.

    Clear spaces can often open up new perspectives. This makes it a lot easier to think clearly, relax and focus on solving problems more ingeniously.

  • It is important for self-care.

    Too much clutter can cause unnecessary stress. Everything takes more effort in a cluttered home from cleaning and tidying up to losing track of what you own so spending time looking for things or even rebuying them. Not only that, but clutter can also change the way you feel about your home and in turn how you feel about yourself.

Most people’s home is a safe space. It is our sanctuary, a place where we should feel comfortable and a place where we can relax, retreat to and rest. Without these simple things, we are not looking after ourselves. Self-care is more than just bubble baths and pamper night once a month.

With this in mind we spent some time in lockdown decluttering our office space. We found an old iPad and desktop computer that we no longer used.

We knew that some children did not have these gadgets at home, so we donated them. They were used to ensure children communicated with others during lockdown, and are still used today!

Good Luck!

When does clutter become a hoarding issue? If you want to know more about hoarding and ways to support people, we have a great course on this topic.

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Author: Maxine Clark

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