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The rules governing assured shorthold tenancies (AST) are different and it is vital that staff understand the nature of this type of tenancy, so as to comply not only with the law, but also with organisational policies and procedures.

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is a tenancy that gives a tenant the legal right to live in a property for a period of time. Such tenancies are usually granted for a set period of six months and come in different types.

Assured Shorthold Tenants can be evicted more easily than most other housing association tenants. Rules governing these types of tenancies are different to longer term options.

This course will provide you with a better understanding of the types of assured tenancies including fixed term, periodic and demoted tenancies. In addition, we will look at how to bring an AST to an end. This course is designed for officers, team leaders and managers within housing management and supported housing teams. 

Course content

Modules you will cover in this Assured Shorthold Tenancies Online Training:
Module 1 - Assured shorthold tenancies in context - What an AST is and why they were introduced, key terms 'security of tenure' and 'breach of tenancy' explained, tenants' legal rights and key features of an AST.
Module 2 - Different uses of an AST - Types of Assured Shorthold Tenancies, AST special rules, fixed term v periodic assures, demoted tenancies, grounds for a demoted tenancy, the housing management function and what unlawful purpose means.
Module 3 - Ending an Assured Shorthold Tenancy - Notice procedures, ending a tenancy, different possibilities and accelerated possession proceedings.


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