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Management and Recovery of Rent Arrears SCORM File

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There will be occasions when, despite earlier work, a tenant is accruing rent arrears and the focus moves to recovery. This stage in the process requires a different approach and new skills to achieve the twin objectives of recovering arrears and sustaining tenancies.


Securing a positive outcome takes more than a well designed and implemented escalation policy: the combination of both soft and technical skills sits at the heart of success.


This course is for officers, team leaders and managers with income management/revenue protection responsibilities.


This course contains the following modules:


  1. The road to recovery - In this module you will look at Effective arrears case management, pre-action protocols, legal sanctions, structures of arrears management, and using IT to manage arrears.

  1. Putting policy into practice - In this module you will look at the AIDA principle, arrears management principles and techniques that work, effective rent arrears letters, how to get the most out of home visits and helping customers with multiple debts.

  1. Negotiation skills - In this module you will look at negotiating styles, tools and techniques, preparation for the negotiation, how to structure your negotiation using the 4 stages technique: rapport, analysis, debate and close. A five-step strategy for successful negotiations, making and maintaining sensible arrangements.

  1. Questioning techniques - In this module you will look at the benefits of high-quality questions, different types of questions and when they are best used in different circumstances, the importance of closing questions. Active listening, managing difficult conversations and objections and tips for telephone negotiation.

  1. Legal action - In this module you will look at pre-action protocols, legal action on grounds of rent arrears, grounds for possession, serving the notice of seeking possession, court proceedings, types of orders: outright possession order, suspended or postponed, adjournments, warrant of possession, tips on working within the course and alternative actions,

This course takes learners approx 2.5 hours to complete.

Sale Off
Management and Recovery of Rent Arrears SCORM File

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