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Course overview

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Everyone faces adversity and challenges throughout their lives, both at work and at home, but not everyone has the capacity and internal strength to work through these challenges and bounce back quickly. 

Resilience is not a sign of exceptional strength, or a rare or special extraordinary quality; it is a fundamental feature of normal everyday coping skills. When you understand and learn to strengthen your coping skills, you naturally become more resilient.  

Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to help them overcome challenges and work through their problems. 

This course will help you to develop your personal resilience in these ever changing, challenging times.

Course modules

Module 1 - An introduction to risk and resilience - In this module you will look at what resilience is, what the common risk factors are that can test your resilience, examples of resilient people and the positive attributes that help build resilience. 

Module 2 - The five pillars of resilience- In this module you will be introduced to the five pillars of resilience and explore how they all feed into building personal resilience; self-awareness, purpose, mindfulness, self-care and positive relationships. 

Module 3 - Developing your self-awareness- In this module will look at how to develop your self-awareness, including personal values, facts 'v' opinions, the ABC model, de-catastrophising, self-efficacy and other related strategies.

Module 4 - Developing your purpose - In this module you will look at how to identify and develop your purpose, career reflection, imaginary hindsight, visualisation, problem solving, goal setting, react 'v' reflect, your circle of influence and much more. assessment. 

Module 5 - Developing mindfulness, self-care and positive relationships - in this module you will look at how self-care impacts on resilience and how to make positive lifestyle changes including quality sleep, diet, hydration, exercise and maintaining boundaries. You will explore mindfulness, the benefits and ways to incorporate this into everyday life, positive relationships and how these help to build resilience.

Module 6 - Self-esteem, motivation and a health workplace - in this module you will look at self-talk, self-image and self-esteem and strategies to improve these. You will explore how small changes in the workplace can make big changes to how employees think, feel and behave, thus making for a more resilient workforce. 

Additional information

This course takes approximately 3 hours

This course has a value of 3 CPD points.

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Sale Off
Resilience Online Training

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